Wilson College Master’s Candidate Seeking Women Farmers to Interview for Research Study

Dianna Clemens-Heim is a master’s of humanities candidtate at Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA (http://www.wilson.edu/fulton-farm) and a Wilson staff member. She is presently working on a master’s thesis: a study of the experiences of women farmers in the Commonwealth. Ms.  Heim hopes to capture individual experiences, including relationship to the land and opinions about the future of women  farmers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Ms. Heim is presently looking for participants for the study – participants should identify as a woman, as a primary or secondary operator of a farm for the Ag Census, and live on the farm or nearby. The interviews take approximately a half-hour and are conducted in person, on the farm. Participants’ identities will remain anonymous and there is no financial compensation for participation. Participants will contribute to general knowledge about women farmers in the Commonwealth in the twenty-first century.

Please contact Dianna Heim through the College if you are willing to be interviewed. Thank you for your consideration.

Dianna C. Heim
Prospect Researcher
Office for Institutional Advancement
Wilson College
1015 Philadelphia Ave.

Chambersburg, PA 17201

717-262-2010, ext. 3121
F: 717-262-2042