USDA Announces New Ways to Make Organic Certification More Accessible, Attainable, and Affordable

“The more I got to know organic growers and learn how well aligned their practices are with NRCS’ conservation mission, the more enthusiastic I became about helping other farmers and ranchers transition. I’m excited to share this and to find ways to connect more organic producers with USDA resources,” said Joe Heller, NRCS Resource Conservationist.

For more information, visit the Sound and Sensible Project through the USDA.

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  1. Randy Rice says:

    Hi, last year my wife and I bought a 90 acre farm and planted two thousand grape vines on it. We are planning to plant another 3000 vines this coming spring. We hope to plant around 30 acres of vines over the next few years and grow them and vegetable gardens organically. We would like any information you can provide on certifying our vineyard and gardens organic. We planted Arndell’s (2006 Cornell University product growing in their spray less vineyard) so far, and plan to continue growing only cold hardy disease resistant varieties. Thanks,

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