Technology Innovation in Agriculture using the 4th state of matter: “Plasma”

By Vadim Fedorovsky-Marketing Specialist at Advanced Plasma Solutions

Agriculture in America and across the globe is moving more and more towards new ways to increase sustainability and environmental responsibility. California’s water shortage, a growing world population, shortages of land, and increasing government regulations are all reasons behind agriculture’s move towards utilizing new technology to achieve improved and progressive results.

Examples of the exciting, new technologies include extremely efficient farms built inside shipping containers, aquaponics, hydroponics, and robots that help with harvesting and planting of crops. The goal is increased efficiency and decreased use of natural resources: the above mentioned shipping containers have shown the ability to output the same amount of food as an acre of land while only using 320 square feet of space. Other exciting technologies are focused on creating new fertilizers with hopes of increasing food production while simultaneously decreasing the need for water usage as well as synthetic chemicals.

An innovative and new approach to converting regular tap water to an organic fertilizer is currently in the works at Advanced Plasma Solutions (APS) of Malvern, PA By activating air and water with plasma, otherwise known as the 4th state of matter, lab studies have shown that an increased production of crop yield is possible, among several other benefits.

The plasma treatment increases the nitrogen content of the water. Nitrogen is one of the main components in many commonly used fertilizers, the other two being potassium and phosphorus. Nitrogen is especially important in the germination phase of a plant’s life. Other benefits of the plasma treated water include the ability to control pH and increased efficiency of water use.

The technology is not only beneficial in the stages of growth for the plant but can also be used to sterilize fruits and vegetables for consumption as well as keep fruit fresh when it is in transportation and storage by eliminating ethylene oxide, the chemical responsible for food spoilage.

Plasma is the least known form of matter. Be that as it may, most of our universe is made up of plasma. Stars are made almost completely of plasma; lightning storms are another example of plasma as a natural phenomena here on earth. Being the fourth state of matter, plasma is formed when either heat or electricity passes through the third state of matter, gas. The heat or electricity source charge up the molecules of the gas and leave them ionized. This ionization of molecules has proven to be a very unique catalyst in a wide variety of chemical reactions. A new kind of organic fertilizer is just one example.

Common forms of plasma products include plasma torches and plasma televisions but new forms of plasma, often called “cold” or non-thermal plasma, are now being investigated by companies such as APS for applications in medicine, environmental control, sterilization, waste to energy, and agriculture.

Advanced Plasma Solutions is made of plasma experts on the forefront of this new and game changing technology. We are part plasma commercialization company and solutions provider,  and part business incubator. Located in a 20,000 square foot facility, our mission is to transform fundamental plasma research into responsible and sustainable products and solutions. Within our facility is AmpTech, a hybrid plasma and 3D Printing business incubator where entrepreneurs can take a product idea from its embryonic stages to prototype, and all the way to successful commercialization. To find out more about the benefits of plasma activated water in agriculture, as well as other innovative plasma applications visit: or e-mail