PA Women’s Agriculture Network Needs Farmer Input for Research Project

PA WAgN needs your help with a study on farm labor management and decision making. Are you interested in participating in a 30-45 minute phone interview? Our goal is to develop new tools and programs for farmers to improve decisions regarding labor. If interested in participating please complete the four questions below and send to

Daytime phone number: _________________________


  1. Do you grow fruits or vegetables to sell on your farm? 

____ YES

____ NO

  1. How long have you been farming? (check only one)

____ Less than 1.5 years

____ 1.5 to 3 years

____ 4 to 7 years

____ More than 8 years

  1. How many employees do you have on your farm, by category?

____ Full time, family

____ Part time, family

____ Full time, non family

____ Part time, non family


Meredith P. Field, MSEd

PhD Candidate, Rural Sociology and Women’s Studies

Penn State University



Carolyn Sachs

Professor of Rural Sociology