National Agriculture Day – March 22, 2022

Happy National Agriculture Day to our farmers, drivers, scientists, veterinarians, food makers, manufacturers, and ALL OF YOU who enjoy eating at least 3 times per day!
In Pennsylvania, 1 in 10 jobs supports our agriculture industry – – – 593,600 workers! There are 52,700 farms (according to 2017 data) on 7.3 million acres of farmland.
Chester County is home to the mushroom capital of the world – – -growing 380 million pounds of mushrooms each year on 68 farms. However, Chester County is rich in other favorite foods including being home to: 53 farmers markets, 1,000 equine farms, 1,778 row crop farms, 1,243 livestock farms, 333 dairy farms, 302 produce farms, 197 horticulture and indoor ag farms, and 25 vineyards.
It’s so easy to eat wholesome foods produced right here in our backyard!
ag day
Chester County also invested in the future of agriculture by commissioning the Chester County Agricultural Economic Development Strategic Plan. The plan outlines all of the amazing opportunities Chester County can or should grow in the coming years to maintain its rich agricultural heritage and community.
How can you celebrate National Ag Day?
🐮 Thank a farmer!
🐷 Thank someone who works in agriculture that gets our food from farm to table.
🍅 Join a CSA, or visit a farmers market.
🍔 Enjoy a meal with family and friends, and appreciate all of the work it took to get all of the ingredients to your kitchen or restaurant table.
THANK YOU to those who work and serve in agriculture – – – today and every day!