Hiring in Agriculture: Let’s PIVOT and CHANGE

AgConnect Presentation (2)

At our June 2022 AgConnect virtual meeting, CareerLink® Montgomery County staff opened our minds to some resources to help agriculture businesses make their next best hiring decision.

If you’re seeking a candidate for a current position, find your local CareerLink office and make an appointment to connect with a Business Services Representative. These individuals can help by:

Sharing resources to help you identify the skills needed for the position – and maybe help attract an employee from another industry with transferable skills!

  • Refining your position description and share and post it within the community and the CareerLink® system.
  • Considering candidates that you may not have otherwise considered for the position, including veterans and returning citizens.
  • Connecting you with funds that could help you pay your employee while they train on the job, fund other training opportunities to up-skill current employees, or to establish and train an apprentice.

Employees seeking a career can register with the CareerLink® system to find what skills they currently have, and what jobs they may consider while using those skills. Two resources job seekers to can use to self-evaluate skills and talents are Career OneStop Skills Matcher and O*NET.

There is a CareerLink® office in each County in PA. Click here to find your local office.