Chester County Conservation District and Chester Water Authority to Hold Education Session on Manure Management and Your Drinking Water

Dates:  July 2, 7, 13, or 22, 2015

Time:  9:30 AM – Noon

Location:  Chester Water Authority, 100 Ashville Road, Nottingham, PA 19362

The Chester County Conservation District (CCCD) and Chester Water Authority (CWA) with a grant from the E. Kneale Dockstader Foundation invite Chester County farmers in the Octoraro watershed to attend an agriculture education session on Manure Management and Your Drinking Water.

Every year, rain events and the resulting storm waters flood roads, yards, and agriculture fields while tons of sediment, manure, and pollutants run off the landscape into the Octoraro creek. The Chester Water Authority depends on the Octorara watershed to create drinking water for the local communities of Cochranville and Oxford as well as other communities and cities in southeast Pennsylvania. The Conservation District’s responsibility is to work with farmers in the area to put best management practices on the ground to keep the soil and manure on the land and to keep the water clean.

This summer, the two are joining together to hold four education sessions on how to keep local waterways clean with conservation and manure management plans.  The dates are July 2, July 7, July 13, and July 22, 2015 from 9:30 to Noon, 100 Ashville Road, Nottingham, PA.  Each session begins with a tour of the water filtration plant by CWA, to show how Octoraro water is turned into drinkable water for its customers.  After the plant tour, CCCD conservation staff will discuss best management practices and agriculture programs available for conservation planning and manure management on the farm.

A free lunch and vouchers for drivers are provided for participants. Attendance is limited and reservations are required for the tour and lunch.  Please contact the Chester County Conservation District at 610-925-4920 X 0 between 8:00-4:00 PM to reserve a spot or email by June 26, 2015.  Multiple dates were scheduled for ease of attendance.  There are no credits associated with any of the sessions.

Please contact CCCD for any questions or access considerations.  Funding is provided in part by the E. Kneale Dockstader Foundation, West Grove, PA, Chester County Conservation District, and Chester Water Authority.

Charlotte “Chotty” Sprenkle, Watershed Specialist

Chester County Conservation District, 610-925-4920 X103