Photo credit: Eckerton Hill FarmAre You Marketing Smarter, Not Harder?

Are You Marketing Smarter, Not Harder?

Lauryn Blakesley of The Vintage Mom and Eckerton Hill Farm joined us at CCEDC to discuss all-things marketing! Are you marketing smarter, not harder? Use some of these social media tips to market your farm business!

  • What is the goal of your marketing? Education? Driving viewers “home” to your website? Getting customers in the door? Your posts (blogs, Facebook, twitter, or otherwise) should drive guests toward your goal.
  • Plan ahead! Create a calendar for the next few months and plan out what your posts will be each day. Use photos from the previous year or post a photo of what you’re doing that day! Use a calendar to record your plan!
  • Not going to be home tonight? Use the schedule feature to get your posts ready to go and posted at prime time.
  • What’s the best time to post? Early morning so it’s the first thing customers see, lunch time, or in the evening after dinner.
  • Are you using the best social media tool for your business? Are you using Pinterest to help customers learn how to use new-to-them vegetables or cuts of meat? Will mouth-watering pictures of your dinner on your blog or Instagram encourage sales? Explore the options available to you and use those that will help you fulfill your mission. Find it hard to manage multiple outlets? Maybe one of these management tools can help.
  • Use Vine to show brief videos of how you’re keeping busy – at the farm, in the market, or during the off-season.
  • What is your ROI – return on involvement? Are you actively involved in your community? Do your customers know it? Post those pictures at your local chamber meeting, 4-H meeting, or church fundraiser!
  • Do your customers have frequently asked questions? Create an FAQ and post away!
  • Not sure what to post about your farm business? Find 5 farms similar to your own and see what they are posting – good, bad, or in different. Their posts may help guide your own.

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