What’s Your Strategy? Winning in a Competitive Market

October 18, 2016
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Chester County Library 450 Exton Square Pkwy Exton, PA 19341

This presentation will explore the essentials of Business Strategy, especially as they relate to the startup and management of small businesses. Attendees will learn the techniques of strategic analysis, and learn how they, without a staff or management consultant, can apply these techniques to improve productivity, margins, and net profit.Outline1. Introduction of presenter and attendees2. What is strategy, and why is it essential for all businesses, but especially small businesses3. What business are you in? Understanding the industry you compete in.4. What are the forces in your industry impacting margins and the bottom line.  The power of:a. Competitorsb. Suppliersc. Customersd.Potential entrantse. Substitutes5. Understanding your environment, both internal and externala.SWOTi. Strengths/Weaknessesii. Opportunities/Threats6. Building valuea. What is valueb. Creating value in my business: identifying distinctive competenciesc. Turning analysis into action: Crafting a unique strategy7. Making it happen – implementing the strategy8. Q&A/Wrapup