Secure Your Money, Assets and Data: 10 Simple Steps for Your Business

October 1, 2015
8:00 am to 10:00 am
Oxford Arts Alliance 38 South 3rd Street Oxford, PA 19363

Presented by SCORE

Is your business or non-profit a target for thieves looking for easy money?  News coverage has conditioned us to protect our personal identity and money.  Occasionally you hear stories about an employee or volunteer embezzling, but so much more is swept under the rug to avoid embarrassment or negative press.  Join us to learn how to reduce your risk.


  1. Exposure Audit:  Bank & Credit Card accounts, Inventory, Customer Information, etc…
  2. Protecting Your Money!  Did you know your bank does not insure your accounts against fraud and theft?
  3. Safeguarding your sensitive information:  paper, electronic and intellectual property
  4. Managing Passwords and PINs
  5. Disposing of Sensitive Information
  6. Implementing Internal Controls to help you sleep at night