Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania’s Annual Members Meeting and Issues Forum

November 10, 2016
8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Lancaster Farm and Home Center 1383 Arcadia Road Lancaster, PA 17601

More and more, we are being told that consumers need to hear directly from farmers about where their food comes from.  But how do you have positive conversations about tough issues, such as GMOs, alternative beverages, and hormones or antibiotics in milk, particularly when you feel someone is wrong or misinformed?

As a dairy farmer, you have a powerful story to tell and you are among the messengers most trusted by consumers on their food.  So how does a busy dairy connect with consumers?  And how do you respond when someone say something like, “I won’t eat anything with dairy because it’s full of hormones and GMOs,” or “I won’t feed my kids that because I don’t want them to have more antibiotics?”

At the Fall Issue Forum, a panel of dairy producers will share their real life experiences and tips on how you can build consumer confidence by driving the discussions to increase understanding of your practices and product.

Registration includes a networking lunch and a tour of Oregon Dairy to see how that team presents their dairy operation to non-farm visitors.  For more details, download the brochure here.