Main Ingredients for an Effective Website

October 24, 2016
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Chester County Library 450 Exton Square Pkwy Exton, PA 19341

This seminar provides an essential reality check for anyone who’s looking to build a professional website. It encourages you to examine the goals of your website before you begin the building process. It is mainly aimed at small business owners, though it can be of use to anyone who is striving to build their first website or update an existing site in a professional manner.

The guide is given in an easy to understand manner, so it will be simple to follow even if you don’t have much prior knowledge of website building. It is meant as a helpful walk-through for anyone who wishes to have a professional looking website without having to hire a website designer.

The word “professional” is emphasized, because the focus of the guide is business websites. While you may use it to build your first personal page or a blog, the aim is to primarily help entrepreneurs. As such, the guide will focus on what’s needed to build credibility among a company’s target market.

We will cover the four basic steps in building a website:

•             Domain Name

•             Hosting

•             Site’s Layout

•             Basic Site Building Knowledge