Farmers’ Market Food Safety Workshop – Philadelphia, PA

June 15, 2015
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Philadelphia County Extension Office 675 Sansom Street Philadelphia, PA 19106
The farmers’ market food safety workshop is a half day training session which will provide farmers’ market vendors with a basic knowledge of retail food safety, sanitation, and regulatory topics suited for vendors selling food products at farmers’ markets.

Who Should Attend?

  • Vendors involved in producing and/or selling food products direct to consumers at farmers’ markets.
  • Any individual involved in producing and/or selling food products direct to consumers from a road-side stand, farm, or other small retail operation.

As a Farmers’ Market Food Safety Workshop participant, you will:

  • Learn the primary types of food hazards and how they contaminate food.
  • Learn basic concepts in retail food safety: good personal hygiene including proper hand washing and glove use, sanitation, facility cleaning and maintenance, and pest and garbage control.
  • Understand how to control food safety hazards at the market through temperature control, prevention of cross contamination, allergen control, good personal hygiene, proper food storage and handling, and packaging and labeling.
  • Understand the regulations, laws, and liability associated with farmers’ markets and sale of specific food items at farmers’ markets and other direct to consumer outlets.
  • This training program is delivered in a classroom setting and includes a series of short lectures and demonstrations on food safety related topics designed for farmers’ market vendors. Attendees who complete the program will receive a certificate of completion.