Certified Poultry Technician Training & Avian Influenza Update

June 3, 2016
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Farm & Home Foundation of Lancaster County 1383 Arcadia Road Lancaster, PA 17601

This event is presented by PASA’s Soil Institute and coordinated by the Delaware Valley Hub.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Certified Poultry Technicians Course is designed to provide trained technicians for collection of samples from poultry for official testing purposes. These samples may be necessary for various reasons, including testing for large commercial flocks to meet poultry health program standards or for individual birds to gain entry into exhibitions. The importance of proper sample collection, handling, and submission of these samples cannot be stressed enough. Learn and get certified in the proper industry standards to be able to quickly and efficiently test your birds on farm.

In addition, technicians will be trained to recognize symptoms of diseases in poultry, reporting protocols for suspected disease, and proper biosecurity practices to reduce the risk of spreading disease. Certified Poultry Technicians (CPTs) are vital to the protection of avian health through identifying and reporting birds suspected to be infected with reportable disease and through proper sample collection and submission. At the event, participants will be given classroom training on AI and testing protocols. Additionally, regular disease surveillance for regulated diseases can be used as a marketing tool for producers as a demonstration of their efforts to thoroughly manage the health and well-being of a flock.

At the event, participants will be provided with information on disease programs available to PA producers. After the classroom portion, attendees will individually schedule appointments with PDA officials to complete the training and certification on their own farm at a convenient time.  You will need five birds at the time of the on site testing.
Note: Pennsylvania Certified Poultry Technicians are not authorized to collect samples from poultry outside of Pennsylvania. Certified Poultry Technicians collecting samples for the NY/NJ live bird market system must first be pre-approved and added to the Department’s list of CPTs approved to sample for the live bird market system.