Basics of Social Media Marketing

November 12, 2015
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
HeadRoom #2 230 Sugartown Rd. Suite 20 Wayne,, PA 19087

Keeping in touch is the most important element to building relationships that sustain and grow a business. The internet has evolved into an amazing, low-cost, “right now” tool to communicate with your customers, clients, and prospects. But it is not just about websites and emails anymore. Social media has changed the playing field for reaching the masses, as well as giving them a way to respond.

This presentation will provide an overview of strategies and techniques as well as time saving tips and hints to make your social media marketing, along with email marketing more successful. Social Media has become a huge part of our business and personal lives and your ability to use these powerful tools will have a dramatic effect on the growth of your business.

During this presentation we will:
    •    Discuss which social media channels might be best for your business

    •    Measure the return on your activities
    •    Leverage the strengths of some social media site
    •    Should you contribute to each community  
    •    Discuss gaining exposure for your business
    •    How to share your message

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  1. Hi, AgConnect. The date listed for this event is Tue., Nov. 10th – but when I click the “Click Here to Register” link, it takes me to a page where the registration info. lists the event as Thur., Nov. 12th (same time and location). I’d like to register (and am available to attend if it’s on Tue., Nov. 10th) but am unsure when the event is happening. Please contact me if possible with clarification on the date. Thank you!

    • Marianne Stack says:

      Hi Melissa-

      Apologies, yes there was an error. The course is on Nov. 12th as the link indicated for registration. Different social media marketing class are offered fairly often through Chester and Delaware County SCORE. Check back with the AgConnect Event page if you can’t make this one!


      Katie Poppiti

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