Agritourism and On-Farm Markets & Events: Planning for Your Success in 2024

March 6, 2024
8:30 am to 1:30 pm

Come learn from industry professionals about planning for on-farm sales, events, and agritourism success in 2024! This half day webinar will cover topics including; operational and legal considerations, necessary research before launching, marketing and pricing, and value proposition considerations for your business.

According to the National Ag Law Center, on-farm events and agritourism is a field that is growing in popularity as producers try to diversify and increase profits. By combining agriculture and tourism, agritourism offers new sources of revenue, but also presents potential problems and legal complications to agritourism operators. Agritourism ranges from small operations that function on a seasonal basis and offer limited consumer services to large operations that operate throughout the year and provide numerous consumer services.

Topics covered in this seminar will include;

  • Operational Considerations for On-Farm Markets or Events
  • Legal Considerations for Agritourism Operations
  • Essential Research Before Launching Agritourism Activities
  • Marketing & Pricing for Agritourism
  • Value Proposition Planning for Agritourism Operations

Information covered will be applicable to operations such as;

  • pumpkin picking patches
  • corn mazes or hay rides
  • U-Pick operations or cut-your-own farms
  • petting and feeding zoos
  • dude ranches
  • demonstration farms
  • agricultural museums or living history farms
  • on-farm farmers’ markets
  • winery tours and wine tasting
  • rural bed & breakfasts
  • garden tours


  • Brian Moyer – Penn State Extension Education Program Associate, Business and Community Vitality
  • Jackie Schweichler – Penn State Agriculture and Shale Law Staff Attorney
  • Claudia Schmidtt – Penn State Extension Assistant Professor of Marketing and Local/Regional Food Systems
  • Sarah Cornelisse – Penn State Extension Senior Extension Associate, Dept. of Agricultural Economics, Sociology and Education
  • Winifred McGee – PA Small Business Development Centers Ag Center of Excellence Business Consultant

Presented by PA SBDC Agriculture Center of Excellence, PSU Extension, and Penn State Ag & Shale Law. Funded in part by Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Business Development Center.